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Upcoming events:

2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018

We are collecting old computers/printers for charity,
please bring them with you to a meeting. Thanks.

Happenings at the Club Meeting

November Meeting

December Xmas Dinner will be at the Presedential Center with a buffet (see below for more info)

Kossuth Hall Disscussion about whether we should continue to try and buy the property. This was voted on and the majority of members decided on a "NO" so the Magyar Club will drop this project.

December Meeting

No meeting - Xmas dinner Dec. 2nd

Spring Dance Craft Day, October 2, 2018

Debbie Demeter, Gail, Robison and Jane Wheeler met at Gail's rouse for a morning of making of centerpieces for the Spring Dance.

Christmas Party 2018

December 2, 2018, 12 - 3 PM

Presidential Banquet Center, Kettering Ohio

$20/Person for Buffet, includes tip and service charge Á tax.
Swiss Steak
Chicken Condon Bleu
and Noodles Romanoff
served with Vegtable Medley, Fresh garden vegtable display, Chefs Salad, roll and butter, dessert (assorted pies) and coffee, water, or iced tea.
COD bar for other beverages.

for reservation: Call Irene Heckman - 937-298-8457 before 11/22/18.
And mail your check for $20 to Linda Vance , 126 Marchester Dr, Kettering Ohio 45429
Please make checks payable to: Magyar Club of Dayton
Maximum 50 people.

Club Dues 2018

Dues are $20 per person for the year.

They are due in January, but can be paid in advance if desired.

Please mail to:

Magyar Club of Dayton
c/o Linda Vance
126 Marchester Dr.
Kettering Ohio 45429
or bring your payment to the January Meeting.

Please make checks payable to: Magyar Club of Dayton

Past events:

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