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Upcoming events:

2018 Newsletter

"coming soon!

We are collecting old computers/printers for charity,
please bring them with you to a meeting. Thanks.

Happenings at the Club Meeting

January Meeting

Please mail your membership check $20 this month to the treasurer. Address below.

Maria has retired as our monthly chef - Thank you Maria for your years of service to the club. There is a sigup sheet for each month and we need volunteers to make a main dish. Club will remimburse upto $50 for meal.

The Treasurer needs a helper - please contact one of the officers if you can help Linda. (Especially for the next few months).

We will be buying a projector soon to display info about the club at our events.

Any changes for the Membership Book - please contact an officer before March 2019.

The Spring dinner / dance planning is now happening. Event (last year we were forced to turn people away because of capacity) so this year will be at The Beth Or/Levin Hall on Marshal Road in Kettering on April 27th (Saturday) and Steve Hegedeos & duo will be the entertainment.
Many volunteers will be needed (workers, helpers, bakers, servers)- we have 2 serving lines this year - so that everyone can quickly be served.
Sausage Making - tentative date April 13th - place to be emailed to members. Need everyone's help!
The Hungarian Dancers will be invited.
Lets make this the best Dinner/Dance Yet!

A few pictures from our first meeting of 2019!

February Meeting

February 3rd - Sunday

Club Dues 2019

Dues are $20 per person for the year.

They are due in January, but can be paid in advance if desired.

Please mail to:

Magyar Club of Dayton
c/o Linda Vance
126 Marchester Dr.
Kettering Ohio 45429
or bring your payment to the January Meeting.

Please make checks payable to: Magyar Club of Dayton

Past events:

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