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Upcoming events:

2018 Newsletter

Summer 2018

We are collecting old computers/printers for charity,
please bring them with you to a meeting. Thanks.

Happenings at the Club Meeting

July 1st Meeting

Sign up for "Happy Helper Sheets"- Come and learn the Hungarian Way!
Happy Sheet #1--
Pastry baking July 10th at McAuley Hall 9a.m.-2 p.m. If you know someone that has never made Hungarian kiflis or a nut roll before, invite them to come with you and learn. Some of you may have a grandchild that is ready to learn, this is a great time to do it. Bring some kifli dough already made, your favorite fillings and whatever you need such as a rolling pin, cookie sheet. We believe in gender equality in the kitchen so men you are also wanted. Please call Debbie at 245-1215 or Gail at 836-2549.
*****Cookies needed for the Wm Penn Picnic & Old North Dayton's Cops Night Out ********
If you cannot come to the Group Baking can you please bake your favorite Hungarian Kifli at home and bring them to our Club meeting on Sunday, August 5th. Hungarian pastries freeze well so you can fit it in your own schedule. For those unable to volunteer at a Happy Helper event this is a great way to help at home. Please call Debby at 245-1215 or Gail at 836-2549 if you can bake at home.

Happy Sheet #2--
Cabbage Roll Making on Thursday, July 12th from 2-5 pm. We only need two more helpers for this. It involves separating the leaves from the cabbage, preparing the leaves, rolling the meat in the leaves and arranging the cabbage rolls in the pans they will be cooked in. Please call Gail for this activity at 836-2549.

Happy Sheet #3--
Cabbage Roll Dinner on Sunday, July 15 at McAuley Hall from noon till about 2:30. ***Members coming to eat: perhaps you can help stay and clean up. The more that help the faster it will get done. We had a lot of help at the Spring Dance and we got it done quickly. I am guessing if we should be able to start cleaning up around 2:30 we could be done by three with a group of 8. Mostly wiping tables, sweeping floors, picking up trash, taking trash to dumpster and washing serving dishes and cleaning up kitchen. *** We may need some help with putting ice in glasses at the beverage table, or refilling the dessert table not sure yet but may send out an SOS as the time gets closer.

Happy Sheet #4--
A Taste of Old North Dayton/ Cops Night Out. Tuesday, Aug 7th at Stuart Patterson Park on Leo Street. *** We Set up at 4:30 and we hand out cookies from 5- 7:30 ish or when cookies run out. We had some members already sign up at yesterday's meeting and some members needed to check their August schedule before signing. Since this is the Tuesday after our August meeting you can still sign up to help at the August meeting, no there is not need to contact anyone at this time.

The Magyar Club says One giant THANK YOU!!! to all the volunteers.

Anyone wishing to learn Hungarian: every Thursday at Troy St Library from 2-4 PM.

We are creating a Logo for the Magyar Club of Dayton. Send your ideas to Logo ideas

August Meeting

Sunday August 5th, 2018 - 1PM

Fried Chicken will be served, please bring picnic food for your covered dish.

Queen of Martyrs/Magyar Club Cabbage Roll Dinner

Sunday, July 15th, Open to Magyar Club & Queen of Martyrs Members

Cost is $10/Adults - $5/Children. Cabbage Roll, Potatoes, Salad, and dessert. Reservations taken at the July 1st Meeting.

Many thanks to our volunteers!

Pastry Baking for Wm Penn Picnic and Cops Night Out (on august 7th at Stuart Patterson Park)

We had a great time baking our many cookies for this event.

William Penn Picnic

August 25th, Hiram Ohio

$15/Adults - See Ann Marie or Mark Schmidt for more info.

Bacon Fry 2018

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Sinclair Park

Picnic starts at 1 PM in the Large Shelter.

Side dishes are appreciated.

Donations will be welcome! Invite your relatives!

Fall Golf Outing

Plans are underway for an October Golf Outing (same day as Gulyas Fest - More info to come

Club Dues 2018

Dues are $20 per person for the year.

They are due in January, but can be paid in advance if desired.

Please mail to:

Magyar Club of Dayton
c/o Thecia Batin
7130 Cottonwood Road
Celina, Ohio 45822
or bring your payment to the January Meeting.

Please make checks payable to: Magyar Club of Dayton

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