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Magyar Club

The Magyar club meets on the first Sunday of the month at McCaulley hall in Queen of Martyrs Church parking lot, for fellowship and to discuss business. Some months, this is replaced by a social event such as the baccon fry. All events provide some amount of social atmosphere for those that want to talk Hungarian and interact with other Hungarians.
See the Magyar club link on the left for more details.

Festival Club

The festival club consists of representatives of both the Magyar club and the Festival club. This group supports the dancers and handles the administrative affairs of cultural events, such as participation in World A'fair.
Festival club president:  Robin Kohr
Festival club secretary:  Andy Dobo   (937) 426-4714

Festival Dancers

The festival dancers practice cultural dances, such as the grape dance in the fall and Dayton's World A'fair cultural gathering in the summer. The practice season starts in early January and runs though the grape dance in September.  See the calendar for practice time and locations.
Festival dancers leader:  Sue-Anne Berry

Learning the Hungarian language

Interest is simmering for learning Hungarian, and we have a tutor. If you are interested, please contact the teacher:
Hungarian language teacher:  Mária (Deák) Kruse   (937) 237-1567

Old Troy Pike Community Church

Community church phone:  (937) 233-5225

St. Stephens Catholic Church